When cities build protected bike lanes, it doesn’t just save the lives of current bicyclists, said a leading global health expert, it saves lives by getting sedentary people out of their cars. “Because of our over-dependence on the private motorized vehicle, we are leading sedentary lifestyles,” said Jonathan Patz, director of the Global Health Institute [...]

The pollutants driving the climate crisis are also making people sick, and as the crisis worsens people are getting sicker. That’s the bad news. Now the good: Mitigating the climate crisis, according to a global health expert, would eliminate nearly half of the world’s premature deaths. “When you think about what it means to get [...]

PALOMINO, COLOMBIA — Sandbags and seawalls have proven feeble against the hunger of the sea as it devours the beach in this Caribbean coastal town. (Photo by Jeff McMahon) PALOMINO, COLOMBIA — A brief hike east or west from this Caribbean coastal town reveals long expanses of light gray sand, pounded by waves, backed by [...]

A transformer exploded last October at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Flatirons campus in Colorado, cutting off the lab’s connection to the grid and shutting down NREL’s offices, servers and research hardware. But the lab was surrounded by the solar panels, wind turbines and batteries it studies. It just lacked a controller that would have [...]

Even a very modest carbon price would offer most farmers and ranchers more revenue than they make raising animals for slaughter, according to the scientist who founded Impossible Foods. “It’s kind of magical, actually,” Patrick Brown said Nov. 4 at WebSummit in Lisbon. “If there were a carbon market, and a ton of carbon dioxide [...]

Impossible Foods CEO Patrick Brown outlined Thursday his vision for eliminating the animal-agriculture industry and, through that act alone, offsetting all other carbon emissions for decades beyond. “I’m confident that by 2035 there will be no global animal-agriculture industry, and it won’t be because anyone banned them,” Brown said Thursday at WebSummit in Lisbon. “It [...]

Yes We Do Have To Give Things Up

“We’re always being told we have to give things up for the environment,” she said. “What can we do for the environment without giving things up?”

The Pervasive Violence Of Normal

The ideology of normal papers over the contradiction between pampering and killing the same, almost, critter.

Our Environmental Disaster Begins With Our Words

I was impressed earlier this month by the candor of representatives from the sustainable pet industry, who acknowledged the enormity of their meat problem and the difficulty they face in solving it. But even their candid language reveals the myopia that keeps humans from living in harmony with our environment. You can see it in [...]